Himadri Pakrasi

Research Project Profile

Development of a Microalgal System for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

Selecting strains with high CO2 tolerance. Effect of CO2 on the growth of the microalga Tetraselmis suecica with air (A) and with 15% CO2 (B). High amount of biomass production can be observed with high CO2 concentrations (B).
Connecting bioreactor to coal combustor

Project summary

We will use a systems approach to optimize algal growth and productivity, using flue gas as a source of CO2. The specific aims of this project are: (1) To identify and develop microalgal strains with high CO2 sequestration capabilities, (2) To optimize high level production of algal biomass in photobioreactors, and (3) To utilize the generated algal biomass to generate value-added products.

A schematic diagram of the photobioreactor

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