Pratim Biswas

Research Project Profile

Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion In Different Modalities (Conventional and Oxy- Coal) of Coal Combustion Systems

Project summary

The collaborative multi-year project to develop and test carbon dioxide capture and conversion methodologies in coal combustors will be conducted synergistically between researchers at Washington University and the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. An understanding of the combustion characteristics of various coal seams (US, India and China) in conventional (air) and oxy-coal modalities will be developed. This knowledge of characteristics of the combustion exhaust will be used to design carbon dioxide capture and conversion systems, which will be integrated to the exhaust of a coal combustor.

For more details please visit AAQRL (Aerosol & Air Quality Research Laboratory).

Recent Publications:

Energy and Fuels, 20 (6), 2357-2363, 2006. Fuel, vol 87, 673-682, 2008. J. Air Waste Mgmt. Associn., vol. 59 (5), 553-559, 2009. Energy and Fuels, vol. 23(1), 236-243, 2009.


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